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A Passion for Angling.

This exclusive and highly collectable print is a rich visual composition of many of the marvellous, sometimes off-the-wall, often surprising, but extremely entertaining, memorable and always enjoyable moments captured in the classic television series. Through these images we have an instant reminder of the warm summer days and the ‘Redmire Legends’ to the bone chilling ‘Winter Madness’ and through ‘Childhood Dreams, In Search of Salmon, Autumn Glory and Monster Myths.’ Each print is individually signed by Hugh Miles, who, as you’ll know, we all have to thank for the whole thing.

Dimensions: 20” x 24”
50 plus 5 UK p&p 10 Overseas p&p

As a result of feedback and popular demand, there is now a smaller edition of this print.

Dimensions: 12 ” x 16”
25 plus 5 UK p&p 10 Overseas

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